Ink Treasures – Chinese and Japanese ink painting and calligraphy project

by Ryuurui and Szmerdt │ Published February 18, 2013

  • A photo of Aikido masters
  • A photo of Little bird ink painting and calligraphy
  • A photo of Dragon artwork and calligraphy
  • A photo of Aikido traditional
  • A photo of Aikido zen circle
  • A photo of Image of Buddha and Heart Sutra calligraphy

Chinese and Japanese calligraphy and ink painting,both being based on a similar philosophy, and created with similar tools (often referred to as The Four Treasures of the study, i.e.: brush, ink, inkstone and paper), were always regarded as sister arts.

They form the ancient tandem of complex spirituality and unique beauty. It is very rare that one person excels in both arts, as each of them takes a lifetime of studies in order to achieve the mastery.

Ink Treasures is a project of an artistic but also educational nature, co-created by two people who share the same passion and understanding for both arts, the ink painting and calligraphy,

but more importantly, two people who see the necessity of assisting the ancient tradition in these difficult and cold modern times, to remain unforgotten, appreciated and respected by all of us. It is true that one should look forward, as that is the direction we face, but without the knowledge of the past, one would be unable to reflect on self.

The concept of calligraphy or ink painting is very difficult to grasp, for anyone not acquainted with the culture of the Far East, be it Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese or even Korean.


A photo of first Ink Treasures project

Sumi-e: Image of Buddha / Calligraphy: Heart Sutra / 般若心経

Art is everywhere around us, be it nature itself or created by people, and we feel it is part of being alive to recognise it. The arts of ink painting and calligraphy have several thousand years of history, and vast majority of books on the subject is printed or hand-written in languages inaccessible to those who cannot speak or read Chinese, Japanese, and so on. The abstract nature of ink painting and calligraphy can speak to us in images, and it allow us to look the concept of language from a quite different perspective. The refined simplicity of the message is quite straight forward: open your heart and embrace the magic of the world of ink. Admiring the art created by The Four Treasures of the study is like taking a leap of faith. If you try to find a reason behind it, you will not have the courage to jump. On the other hand, if you close your eyes and hold your breath, you will miss everything that you could have experienced, after you bounced off of the edge of self-control. Ink painting and calligraphy are a journey into the soul of another human being, they are the Ink Treasures of whoever had created them, and whoever is admiring at them. It is a fusion of minds, that exists only when, and if you open your inner eyes. To understand both arts is not easy, but we both believe, that, through various articles we intend to publish on the pages of the Ink Treasures websites, as well as our calligraphy and ink painting artwork, we can and will be able to explain and guide you to the in-depth understanding and appreciation of those beautiful sisters.

Ink Treasures will have a core site, where Mariusz Szmerdt will be explaining the history of the art of ink painting, and Ponte Ryuurui will focus mainly on Chinese and Japanese calligraphy art.

There will be also a blog, where we will be publishing in-depth articles on various subjects, from simple texts explaining the basics, to complex and convoluted articles on the spiritual and esoteric nature of both arts.

On the Ink Treasures website, we will have a gallery of our works.

We will open forums to hold discussions and answer questions that some of you may have, or simply to offer a go-to space on the Internet where anyone can freely discuss anything regarding ink painting and calligraphy. Finally we will be opening a store, with original art, prints for purchase, and much more. The concept of the Ink Treasures project is still very fresh, and we are still discussing some ideas that roam our ink-coloured artistic heads. Nonetheless, Ink Treasures will not be the a site of only two people, as it is mainly thought out for promoting the art of ink painting and calligraphy. Having said that, now and in the future, we very much appreciate any input or suggestions from your side.


Ponte Ryuurui (品天龍涙) & Mariusz Szmerdt (翔隼)


A photo of Ponte Ryuurui (品天龍涙)

Co-author of the above article:

Ponte Ryuurui (品天龍涙)
Japanese calligrapher, writer and co-creator of Ink Treasures project.

homepage: │ contact: ponte@ryuurui.comPonte Ryuurui on Google +


A photo of Mariusz Szmerdt (翔隼)

Co-author of the above article:

Mariusz Szmerdt (翔隼)
An ink painter, writer and co-creator of Ink Treasures project.

homepage: │ contact: mariuszszmerdt@sumi-e.plMariusz Szmerdt on Google +



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